Sima Sahar Zerehi – There’s no denying it Tehranto has its own band.  Neemeha’s Strange Fruit concert at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on January 19 wasn’t just an opportunity to hear great music but also a testament to how art can build community.

The members of Neemeha (Behnam Jahanbeiglou, Arshia Bassiri, and Behrouz Jahanbeiglou) invited some of Tehranto’s rising musical talents to produce a unique musical experience.  The sound included a diverse mix of genres and instruments, but overall Neemeha’s Strange Fruit was distinctly Iranian-Canadian.

The group was joined on stage by bass player Roudabeh Taghizadeh, guitarist Maneli Jamal, rapper Saye Sky, santour player Mehdi Rezania, Araz Nayeb Pashayee on koozeh and daf, Roya Sepehri on vocals, Andrew Chan on harp, the band Circle (Mona Ketabian, Sara Nejad, Shahab Baradaran) as well as a few other friends.  The event was MC’d by Gloria Yazdani who also performed a short interpretative dance piece during the show.

Look for interviews and features on Neemeha and friends in the upcoming issues of Shahrvand.


You can find some of the artists from the concert on the following websites:


Maneli Jamal:

Saye Sky:

The Circle:

Araz Nayeb Pashayee:

Mehdi Rezania: