We the undersigned, Iranian/Canadian academics, journalists, students, lawyers, artists, writers and human rights activists are very concerned about the renewal of activities of the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada.

In the past, through their activities, such as the establishment of a bogus Center for Iranian Studies, infiltrating student associations, and creating front organizations, they tried to spy on Canadian/Iranian citizens and spread their sphere of political and cultural influence in Canada.

Now, under the guise of religious freedom, the agents of the Islamic Republic have started using other venues, including existing Islamic institutions in Canada for their propaganda and suspicious activities.  A recent example is the event announced by the Islamic Society of York Region in Richmond Hill on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini’s death.

The speakers are scheduled to commemorate a man directly responsible for numerous crimes against humanity including the massacre of thousands of Iranian political prisoners, the assassination of many Iranian political and literary figures, brutal suppression of ethnic and religious minorities, and denigration of women’s status.

We consider this event an open insult to all victims of Khomeini’s crimes and to millions of Iranians who have suffered and are suffering under the brutal obscurantist regime that Khomeini established.

Signatures (in alphabetical order)

Amini, Behnam-Graduate Student, York University
Afshin-Jam MacKay, Nazanin– Human Rights Activist
Ahmadi, Bijan-Community Activist
Mehrdad Ariannejad, Community Activist
Almasi, Nasrin-Journalist
Arshadi, Shahrzad -Multidisciplinary Artist
Bahmanpour, Hannah –Student, University of Toronto
Bahmanpour, Helya–Student, Ryerson University
Bahman, Siavash- Photo-reprter, Activist
Daneshvar, Ali-Student, Osgood Hall Law School, York University
Dyar, Roza-human rights activist
Darakhshan-Hormoz, human rights activist
Hassanpour, Amir-Professor-University of Toronto
Hassanpour, Salah-PhD student, York University
Heshmati, Maziar
K-Norooz, Shahin-TDSB Employee
Kahnemuyipour, Arsalan-Professor, University of Toronto
Kanoon-e Khavaran (An organization for the defense of political prisoners of Iran)
Kazemi, Sona-PhD student, University of Toronto
Moayedi, Hojat-human rights activist
Moghissi, Haideh-Professor, York University
Mojab, Shahrzad-Professor, University of Toronto
Naeni, Ahmad, human rights activist
Nemati, Darush-human rights activist
Niazi, Tara-Journalist
Pashang, Soheila- Seneca College -Professor
Peykan, Pezeshki-MSCE, Toronto District School Board
Pooya, Hassan-St. Michael’s Hospital
Rahnema, Saeed-Professor, York University
Raouf, Masoud-Filmmaker
Razmjou, Ayat-human rights activist
Rezapoor, Alborz-student, University of Toronto
Reisdana, Reza-human rights activist
Rosano, Nick-Human rights activist/supporter
Saadi, Sardar-PhD student, University of Toronto
Saffari, Mitra-Engineer, Political, Social and Peace Activist
Safari, Faroukh-human rights activist

Safari, Iraj-human rights activist
Safari, Nasrin-human rights activist

Shahrooz, Ladan- Lawyer
Shirzadi Fariborz- Writer

York University PhD, Shekoufe Sakhi
Shiravand, M.F. – Freelance-Investigative photo-reporter
Taheri, Farah-Journalist
Taheri, Setiz -Designer
Tabe-Mohammadi, Shahram-Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto
Tahmasebi, Victoria-Professor, University of Toronto
Urashima, Kanae-human rights activist
Valadbaygi, Saeed Human Rights Activist
Yazdi, Babak-Computer Technologist
Zerehi Hassan-Journalist